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I wrote in my blog about a month ago that I had ordered a conversion kit for my existing toilet that would change it to a dual flush toilet. I ordered the kit from (Aquanotion). The kit was simple to install on my existing toilet and the process took only about an hour. The installation required the use of a few simple hand tools and can be accomplished by anyone with limited mechanical ability.

I photographed the installation process which is described in detail on the instruction sheet that comes with the kit. Follow along with me as I walk you through the process.

Begin by closing the water supply valve to the toilet and flushing the toilet. When the tank is empty, use a wash cloth to remove the remaining water in the tank. Once the water is gone, remove the tank by undoing the two nuts on the bottom of the tank. Lift the tank from the toilet and place it on the floor.

Remove the existing flush lever from the tank.

Remove the rubber seal on the bottom of the flush assembly which will expose the nut that holds the assembly on. Loosen the nut and remove the flush assembly from the toilet. This same hole is where you will install the new dual flush assembly.



Insert the new dual flush assembly and thread on the new nut. Tighten the nut. Make sure to point the assembly in the correct direction as shown in the photograph.


When the dual flush assembly is installed correctly, it should look like this.


Insert the new dual flush lever assembly into the hole at the top of the tank. There are several bushings included that you may use to fit your particular toilet. My toilet which is a Gerber, did not require any of these bushings. Once the lever is installed, I slid the black washer onto the interior side of the assembly to hold it in place.


The next process is to install the grey and white levers. As shown in this photograph, the grey lever is installed first. The flush lever is constructed with a series of slots that only allow it to go on in one way. The grey lever may need to be cut off to make it the correct length for installation. Each brand of toilet may require a different length. The end of the grey lever will be installed into the top of the fork assembly on the new flush assembly.


Install the white lever assembly. You will need to cut it to length also. It inserts into the top of the tube on the dual flush assembly. The nipple on the lever is supposed to be installed facing up.

Once the lever is installed properly, connect the water supply hose onto the nipple.


Install the white plastic retainer clip on the dual flush lever assembly and reinstall the tank on the toilet. Make sure to reinstall the rubber seal on the bottom of the dual flush assembly before mounting the tank. Install and tighten the nuts to hold the tank and re-attach the water supply line. Turn on the water and check for any leaks.


You are now ready to flush away. Remember, the smaller inside lever is for a half flush of about .8 gallons and the larger outside lever is for a full flush of 1.6 gallons.





0 #1 Andrew 2012-02-18 21:59
I have an original 1960 toilet that is not close-coupled. Will this dual-flush unit fit, and does it incorporate an overflow that empties into the toilet bowl. My reason for the latter is I want to make the existing overflow pipe into an inlet for rainwater pumped from a water butt, to save me using mains water for the toilet.

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